Business Case for Cloud Computing

1. Is your data centre footprint approaching maximum capacity? 2. Have hurdle rates increased significantly for new capital investments? 3. Does your application portfolio consist primarily of “commoditized” applications? 4. Do you have frequent or sudden “spikes” in demand for applications?

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Green IT

Green IT.

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Need of EA

EA is a continuous process which align IT with Business for the purpose of supporting, growing and stabilizing business.

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OTA Online Travel Agency

Need consultation on starting an Online Travel Agency. Want to know the Nuts and Bolts of OTA ?

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Business Process Modeling

In order for a business to improve its performance it must understand how it does business. It must convert the how into defined processes, which must be able to have their performance measured, and the results used to make subsequent improvements

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Open Source Deployment

Deploying Open source solutions for ERP, CRM, HRM, Media.

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IT: Support Vs Growth.

Support Vs Growth is same as Present Vs Future. For Long I have lived in a Myth, that IT is a Support function. Something which is not a core business is always a support. In this article my aim would be to confront this myth.

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